It’s the my-brain-to-your-ears internet uplink: r u down w OPP (Other People’s Playlists)? What about a podcast about music (in theory) that I record with Simoniz and Bernie Lomax as part of our opinion having, internet loving, t-shirt wearing DJ squad CAN I LIVE?

Your answer was probably ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to both those, so may I suggest you spend some time in self-reflection while listening to what’s on tap here? Go deep inside. Know yourself. Discover that wholeness, happiness and complete self-acceptance come only from within, and then call me and we can talk.

RIP PrayerhandsLatest material at the top and then it slips on down into the past. Linear time is an illusion created by our material existence so don’t worry about it. Go for a scroll and have some fun. #ripprayerhandsemoji

Love is King

I first became aware of the Soulection crew a few years ago at a food cart festival in San Francisco (that might be the most West Coast thing I’ve ever said). Two n a half years later and they’ve gone from Bay Area food cart sound designers to international super squad of DJs, producers and performers. To celebrate reaching 200k followers on Soundcloud they have released an album (an ALBUM) of Sade remixes, free for us all to download and make out to. It’s the fuckin jam, my friends.

Listening to it, I had this ultra corny thought: If eyes are the windows to the soul, are ears the doorways? Whatever. Open your door holes and get into it.

Office Politics

78% fairly recent stuff that makes my coworkers uncomfortable. Okay, the music doesn’t actually make them uncomfortable, but the weird spastic way I wiggle in my chair when I have my headphones on probably does.


Ever listen to something so good it makes you feel like, well, not actually like barfing, but like simulating barfing? Like it’s so good you’ll imagine purging yourself of all of life’s evils (carbs) and toxic emotions and just fill up again with deep, beautiful sounds? That’s this mix right here by yvr homies Live†Evil (Kutkorners and Marvel from The Freshest) for Future Classics. Every single tune is a future classic. BARRRF.

Mix Emotions

4 fire mixes that fill my heart with joy and bang like a gong.

BnW are two of my favourite people on the planet and this mix is dumb like how rappers say it.

Music to actualize to by the smartest, cutest human in the GVRD, Ammonia Moss.

Ain’t no party like a Pitsu party. I know this from personal experience.

Escøbar are hard to find because they put that annoying “ø” in their name and it’s hard to search. They played our last BOOTYBURG show in March and it was certified bananas.

Cool Dads

I may not be a dad, but I’m pretty sure this is what it sounds like to be a cool dad in 2015.

Time’s Fly When You’re Riding High

What the incredible fuck, you guys. It’s been almost a calendar year since I updated this site. Guess I’ve been busy getting desk jerb-induced scoliosis and battling Chronic Fucking Fatigue Syndrome that I got from DJing all the time with CAN I LIVE and just generally having an excellent time IRL.

So what’s happening? Well, Soundcloud started being a harsh dick so we threw up a MIXCLOUD ACCT (check it). I will be re-upping all the podcasts that are missing from the posts below. Your patience is welcome while I complete this moderately annoying task. Oh, and here’s a fun mix we made last fall for our return to Happy Endings Fridays at Fortune Sound Club ———>

Podcast #6: Alley, Tree, Bush

Such learning goes on in this episode, guys! Blood moon #facts! Crystal vibrations! What really goes down at a fetish party! How to sew a button! How to make a remix! It’s mad educational tonight in the Get Your Own Fucking Leftover Wine That The Pregos Couldn’t Drink Studios.

Episode 6: Alley, Tree, Bush by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud

Speed Wobbling into Spring

Holy shit it’s Spring! I’ve needed some new and different sounds in my ears because all winter I listened to this very melancholy playlist I made back in November, and blame the mild temps and extended sunlight hours maybe, but I’m OVER IT.


Rdio is being a bit of a tough crowd to me right now and wont pop up the embed code for the playlist, but if you have an Rdio account you can find it here. If you don’t have an Rdio account, then… I dunno. Get one? Owning music is a thing of the past, y’all!! Plus it takes up hella space on your hard drive.

Playlist: Glitch in the matrix

Update: Fixed it!

Podcast #5: Biggie’s House

If Biggie and Tupac were alive, who would host the Grammys? And who would have a reality TV show? Deep thoughts are being pondered in the Get Your Own Fucking Dope Shirt Studio right now. Listen to your stupid pals Bernie Lomax, Simoniz and Sir Prancelot struggle to remember things, and listen even harder to the songs they play. Because the songs are good. Doi.

Episode 5: Biggie’s House by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud

THIS is a mix

I know we’ve all agreed for some time that Ryan Hemsworth is a floppy haired, dreamy eyed musical genius, so it’s not like me saying this mix is good will be surprising to anyone. But! Have you heard it? Listen. It’s fucking awesome. Ry Dolla $ign gets all the good 90s R&B, purpped out rap and nerdy IDMish, uhhhhh, electronica (?) to politely hang together like it’s the illest tea party of all time.

Tracklist can be found here

Lululemon Lab is the Dope Show

A cool experiment in agile, on-site design-and-make clothing production, the Lululemon Lab maintains an independent and edgier identity from it’s mega spandy overparent. I love the Lab and have shopped there on the regular for street clothes and yoga/workout gear for a while (huge props fired at Jean Okada, leader of the Lab’s women’s design team). So when they asked to me to start blogging for them this past winter I was super pumped and said yes immediately. And because everything I touch turns to music (haaaaa), I’ve also started curating some playlists for their site and store.

Here’s the first one!

Under the Covers from sirprancelot on 8tracks Radio.

Mega Double Episode Podcast #4: Festive Bestive / Hoooooome Aloooooone

First, so much good music came out in 2013 and we had a LOT to talk about. Second, Simon had to leave and then Bernie and I were left to our own devices (getting wasted) and the podcast just kinda got… turnt. Nah mean? Listening to them in order is recommended, but do what you want.

Episode 4: Festive Best of 2013 (Part 1) by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud

Episode 4: Festive Best of 2013, Drunken Shenanigans (Part 2) by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud

Not the best not the worst and occasionally I curse

Simoniz made a CAN I LIVE best of for 2013! But not really. Just stuff he/we’ve been feeling this year. Be warned: it’s a HIT PARAAAAAAADE

Best Most Favourite

This mix by Vancouver’s the Freshest is already two years old (ie, ANCIENT by Internet standards) and it is still one of my all-time favourites. The Freshest are consistently killer djs and producers, and they’re output in 2013 includes some of my top tracks of the year. I still listen to this mix on the regular, probs due in part to the opening cut, “Didn’t I” by Darondo. The song is plaintive and heartbroken without being pathetic, and Darondo’s falsetto achieves that rare, perfect balance of vulnerability and masculinity. I just get lost in it. And the mix takes off from there – put it in your ear!

2013 Round-ups

I collected some of my favourite EPs of 2013 into a wee playlist.

Podcast #3: Buffering the Internet Slayer

Third time is almost the charm with this one! Those CAN I LIVE dopes are joined in the Bro U Even Mic Check Studios by Derek Adam from NEEDS and You Say Party. Derek loves Conan, Sir Prancelot loves Michael Rappaport, Simoniz loves Groundislava and Bernie Lomax loves everything. It’s a love fest!

In this episode: Jesus & sexy lamb, banned in the USA, Iron Sheik vs Rob Ford, E-40 vs 54-40, no-game jubey, who hates A Tribe Called Quest (no one), abujia burgers, and if Tilda Swinton had a baby with herself.

EPISODE 3: Buffering the Internet Slayer by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud


Halloween is the most sus time of year – creeps and freaks run the streets and all those misty clouds scooting past the full moon?? Forget about it. Here’s a mix to get you prepped for our Sus-o-ween show at Fortune Sound Club on the 31st!

Podcast #2: Grown Women

Join the loveable CAN I LIVE rascals at AKA AKA AKA Studios as they get way nostalgic for everything from their first cassette tapes to what happened 2 days ago. Topics covered: knock-offs of knock-offs, out-dated technology, grown women, butt cakes, Drake pride, obscure perfume bottle knowledge, and uh, you know, music.

EPISODE 2: Grown Women by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud

Currently Feeling On

Tunes that I CANNOT WAIT to drop at the next CIL jam (hint!: October 5th :))))))

The CAN I LIVE podcast is here!!

CAN I LIVE DJs Bernie Lomax, DJ Simoniz & Sir Prancelot get hella philosophical about everything from underage drinking to contemporary art. Not really. Shouts out to Central Perk, our favourite podcast Shots Fired, and Bernie’s roommate Gordon. Also some music.

Episode 1: World Peace by Can I Live Djs on Mixcloud