The house of sand and fog

It’s sunlight in San Francisco that makes everything real.

The insurgent fog pushes reality back over and over, replacing it with a waking dream.

Living out on the western edge of the city, under an almost constant state of siege by the fog, is to live the majority of your days in a dream world.

Yay Sayer



So many strange noises adding up to a beautiful sound

Here are some photos I took at the Yeasayer show last night in Vancouver. My impression of the show in a nutshell: Erasure meets Red Dwarf.

Everyone is a editor

freedom is



Note to self


WAYS TO RELAX #6: Powerless Freedom

Browsing the Book Cover Archive (ooooh, book porn, so hot) the beauty of this cover design initially caught my eye, but the quote on the cover is what really interests me. The opening line of Rousseau’s treatise reads, “Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.”


“Those who think themselves the masters of others,” it continues, ”are indeed greater slaves than they.”

“Powerless Freedom” is the name some friends used for the summer they lived entirely without electricity. I loved their expression of individual liberation as the result of their lack of agency. I know that this doesn’t exactly jive with Rousseau’s proposal for a civil society organized by collective will (laws, voting). But I think in the 1700s or whenever, he was addressing the issue of a certain kind of oppression or exploitation that could be resolved by introducing what we now understand as democracy.

Today the concept of civil society and democracy is (in my little corner of the world) given to the point of being almost invisible. And so the forces of oppression we may wish to resist have an entirely different source and quality. Maybe if Jean-Jaques were alive today he would have written the Anti-Social Contract. Probably not. Maybe the Anti-Social Networking Contract? Probably not that either.

Either way, power that you may wield over others is an illusion. Don’t forget to let go.


131 photos

This is kind of an old one. I animated the bajillion photos that Perrin took of me while we were for some reason sitting together on our bathroom floor.

Bonus material: one of the videos youtube suggested in the sidebar is an incredible, face-painty, animated music video for a UK group with the extremely internetish name We Have Band. The song is not terribly memorable, but the video is trippy as hell. See it HERE.

I just discovered my happy place, guys

Happiness is

Happiness is

I’ve always had some trouble with the whole visualizing your happy place thing. Whenever someone instructs me to close my eyes and picture my happy place it’s usually a really cliche beach scene – white sand, bright clear aquamarine ocean, palm trees, all that shit. And I always feel insecure about it, like, is it authentic? Is it really my happy place? Or have I just been programmed by the corny Silverwing Holidays commercials that used to play during Three’s Company?

Now I no longer have to worry! Next time someone tells me to picture my happy place, this gif will just play over and over in my mind. Phewf.

WAYS TO RELAX #4: Don’t Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Make You Crazy

For a while I was kind of embarrassed to be a part of what seems like a huge fad of our day, but then I figured: Fuck it. I am of our day. I don’t have to see through everything. Or I can even see through things a little bit, but I’m still a part of them.

Misha Glouberman on going to the gym.

From “The Chairs Are Where the People Go” by Misha Glouberman and Sheila Heti

Fuk U Gun Do

Sometimes you get home late from the club and go to bed, and sometimes you’re just not done dancing yet. 1995 rave moves at 1:21, watch for it. And yes, those are sweat pants that I’m wearing. If they’re cool enough for Lil Wayne, they’re cool enough for me.